Reinvent Yourself


Our mission is to provide a Sanctuary of harmony and healing where people can come to rejuvenate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to offering services that enhance the quality of life through stress reduction.

We provide guest changing rooms with steam facilities, grooming amenities, lockers, robes and sandals. We encourage you to arrive early so you can receive the full benefit of indulging yourself in our warm welcome.

Our treatments are provided in rooms that are tranquil, with minimal outward distractions, so you can more easily access your inner experience. Between treatments, the Sanctuary offers a continued quiet place to relax and read as the gentle sounds of our soothing melody.

Let this be a personal invitation to experience the warmth of our staff and the quality and healing properties of our treatments. You can feel secure knowing that the Rejuvenation Experience of serenity and healing is now a part of your life.