Why a spa in the monsoon?

By: Evolve Wellness 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Why a spa in this monsoon?The rains may bring much relief from the scorching sun, but they also mean swallow skin, poor immunity. As the monsoon in the air, humid conditions lead to increased moisture produced by increased sweating - sweat feels like junk on the skin and humidity snaps energy out of every sinew. This, in turn, brings ailments like bacterial and fungal infections in all age groups. Monsoon can be a hair and skin nightmare.

Evolve Wellness offers an antidote to all monsoon-related woes...

Woes too many. Is there an antidote? A magic wand to vanquish the hair and skin despair? Our monsoon spa is the answer. But, remember, not just any spa.

Listen to your body and skin for wellbeing. As each person is different, your skin will react differently with breakouts and congestion during the monsoons. So it is important to detox and cool it. Green tea and herbal infusions are excellent means to flush out toxins and keep the skin clear. Infusions of water, lemon, fresh ginger, lime and mint leaves will keep you hydrated, and fresh coconut water is fantastic to keep your body nurtured.

Exfoliation is an essential drill in the monsoon and a better way to vanquish dead cells, repair, demineralise and provide antioxidant protection. When humidity acquires monstrous proportions, we highly recommends lypossage, the deep tissue massage, with a specialised applicator that leaves you with glowing and refreshed skin, which draws out toxins from the body, delivers nutrients to the skin and which work on every muscle and focuses on complete relaxation of the mind and body.

We provide a tranquil space, little away from the damp air outside, followed by a rejuvenating deep tissue massage to awaken all your senses. Our monsoon spa ends up with a steam bath The best way to conquer the monsoon humidity is to slip into a special chamber where you will be enveloped in steam - the ideal way for your body to absorb the oils and their benefits, and step out glowing in monsoon.
Complete the monsoon spa journey with a healing, purifying and relaxing facial to remove all traces of humidity in the body and to restore vigour and vitality.

This monsoon, when those raindrops pitter-patter on your roof, gather the goodness of our monsoon spa.

This season, look good to feel good!!! 

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